Reyane Tradition Insurrection II Dark Eau de Toilette 90 ml

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Marke: Reyane Tradition (» mehr Artikel von Reyane Tradition)
Geschlecht: Herren
Produktart: Eau de Toilette
Forrmulierung: Spray
Inhalt: 90,00 ml

Reyane Tradition Insurrection II Dark Eau de Toilette 90 ml


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.   ///   29.11.2017
I dont believe the hype...

Reyane Tradition Insurrection II trilogy just arrived at my home yesterday, namely Pure, Wild, and Dark. I even ordered some of the Acqua di Parisis such as Musk Sultan, Oud Wild, and Oud Dark, but today Ive chosen the Insurrection II Dark, and here you are my first impression.
To begin with, assuming that each scent reacts differently to different skins types and that it might change from batch to batch, I dont know what other reviewers were on when they smelled this. Let me honestly tell you guys, this aint anything like Vicktor&Rolf Spicebomb. I am the one who goes crazy for Spicebomb and any of its flankers, though I do not find a thing here that reminds me any of them.
This is its own unique smell. and I love this one... I mean, just because it doesnt smell like Spicebomb doesnt mean it isnt good, this is a fantastic cold weather fragrance, absolutely stunning.
Rather, what I get from this is that its uncannily similar to Insurrection Pure II (the Aventus clone) without the citrus and with some cherry accords that are pretty bland. No spices, none of the cinnamon, or citrus sweetness from Spicebomb, but plenty of pineapples.

That being said, I seem Insurrection II Dark to be a masculine sweet spicy fragrance with its own unique sense of style thats incomparable to Spicebomb. The two are truly nothing alike, and Insurrection II Dark projects very strongly as its own fragrance. It opens up with a slight pineapple top note like Insurrection II Pure, yet is quickly enveloped by this deep and mysterious mixture of sweet and spicy masculine notes. The sweet and spicy presence is heavily tamed by the presence of what seems to be cured leather. This note is actually hard to distinguish as leather, but it adds the same kind of heaviness to the body of the fragrance as some leather accords do. The presence is somewhat mellow and smooth, a modern suede leather, and possesses this distinct tinge to it, that further suggests some type of polished refinement. If it is a leather accord, its definitely a leather thats undergone some kind of special treatment or process. Of course, I love it.
On the top of this base presence, is a very complex of accord of what seems to be dried fruits and bakery spices. I get diverse fruit-like presence, red fruits like cherries, but the tone is deep and dark, and pebbly. The bakery spices are genuinely sweet, and there is some dynamic stimulation to them. If I had to guess the accord, I would say a tad of cinnamon, mace, pepper—and maybe coriander and cardamom, just a little bit of each.

For anyone who would like to experience something totally new, Insurrection II Dark is definitely something you want to check out. Its unlike anything Ive experienced before, and definitely has its very own sense of style and class. I insist, to my nose, there is much in common with Aventus than Spicebomb.

We are in late autumn now, cold and wet weather, and Insurrection II Dark has the right warmness and spiciness for facing both daily autumn and winter morning and early afternoon.

Last but not least, I really do not understand how Reyane Tradition can sell these beauties in marvellous boxes that open like mysterious books, the bottles are so damn amazing and the sprayers are wonderful... and the juices inside are so amusing, strong and longlasting for just less than 3 sawbuck!